My Story

I do not consider myself a competitive person…but I hate to lose. I especially hate losing to my husband. We have been married for 20 years and have played thousands of games of backgammon against one another. Even though I grew up playing backgammon with my father, my husband did not know how to play the game when we first met. Hence, I was his teacher. For years, I enjoyed the satisfaction of beating him. However, since we moved to Chattanooga in March of 2020, I have not won a single game. How is that possible? I won for years and years and years, and now he’s better than me? As I reflected on my current losing streak (and the information presented in this course), I began to think about how I first learned to play the game of backgammon. In creating this project (a user’s manual for aspiring backgammon players), I am hopeful that I will be able to turn my current losing streak into a winning streak and ultimately WIN.

My husband and I playing backgammon in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2011; our daughter, Naomi is watching.